The Syco XT

The Syco XT was originally developed as a Skateboard / Surfboard / Snowboard training device. The concept came about by analyzing the natural movement and pivot points of the human body. Multiple pivoting gimbal movements were used to replicate the free flowing movement of the body. The incorporation of a hip mounted harness provided the safety and support which allowed the rider freedom of movement in conjunction with control.

The Syco XT is the new generation of workout equipment. Never before has there been a commercially available exercise option that so effectively combines two ingredients that are of such paramount importance;

  1. The XT produces a workout that is extremely effective across a wide range of fitness training parameters. A resistance (strength and muscular endurance) and cardio workout in one which in itself sounds great but the XT brings more workout dimensions than anything else on the market. Balance training, proprioceptive outcomes similar to the wobble board concept and a dynamic core training workout where the torso is moved through an almost infinite range of compound movement patterns. There truly is nothing else like it.
  2. The XT may just be the most exciting adrenalin fueled exercise option ever! Big call you say? Well here we have a workout option with all the thrills of snowboarding (except the snow of course) without any of the risk. No falling or injuries (our harness will keep you safe at all times) and your instructor is right there beside you. The XT explodes the long-held notion that truly effective workouts are never fun just wait until you try this!
Proudly Australian and accepted into the Australian Technology Showcase as a Leading Australian Technology